A local, independent, non-profit organization that works in the field of defending human rights issues, supporting community stability, capacity building and empowering young people in the areas in which the Foundation operates.


1- to publish principles and concepts rights Human at Society Iraqi.

2- Consolidation culture rights Human at Iraq.

3- monitor cases violations rights Human at Iraq.

4- Strengthen concepts equality and respect for all Categories and spectra fabric Iraqi.


The human rights file by supporting young people, developing their capabilities and providing them with skills to be able to understand the local context through internal regulations in accordance with local law and the international charter, as the Foundation works in monitoring, documenting and writing human rights violations.

local stability support fileBy contributing to mediation and dialogue processesto support peace buildinginside Iraq.

Support file for youth participation in decision-makingthrough programsTo support young people to be able to engage in social and political life.

4- The file of combating hate speech against the most affected societal groups.


Arrival in an Iraq free of violations guarantees human dignity